Do you love TV?

I mean really, really unconditionally love TV?

If you answered yes to that question, than this site is probably not for you.

Don’t get me wrong.  I watch a lot of TV and I spend a lot of time expressing my opinions on TV but I don’t like TV because TV doesn’t love me.  Add to that, if I was in love with TV then I wouldn’t be able to be honest when reviewing what I see on TV.

Instead, I view TV much as you might view an old friend who has a lot of potential but yet somehow continually manages to let you down.  That’s the friend that you don’t want to lose but, at the same time, you just have to spend a lot of time venting about her to your other friends.

Consider this site to be my place to vent to you, the people that I truly love, about my good but frequently disappointing friend, television.

And who am I?

Some of you may know me from my film and entertainment reviews over at Through The Shattered Lens.  Because it’s late and I’m lazy, here’s my bio from that site: “Her interests in films include everything from Italian gialli and the zombie/cannibal genres to the grindhouse flicks of the 70′s and 80′s. She’s also quite the film scholar when it comes to these particular film subjects. The youngest of four sisters, Lisa Marie is a self-described “sweet, little thing with morbid thoughts.”  She takes much pride in being an Irish-German-Spanish-Italian mutt and hopes that if the dead ever do walk the Earth, they at least move quickly.  Along with writing about film on this site, Lisa collaborates with her sister, Erin, on the Suspended Imagination web site and also maintains her own blog devoted to “no wave” feminism, Where The Nightbirds Settle.  Lisa also writes about horror films over at HorrorCritic.com.  One can follow Lisa Marie on her Twitter feed @LisaMarieBowman and those wanting to see some of the pics that got her Twitpic account banned should feel free to check out her gravatar page (though, fair warning, not all of the pics are safe for work.)  She used to have even more pictures on Plixi but now that Plixi has been taken over by Lockerz, she is going to move her pics over to Yfrog. Her email address is LisaMarieBowman@live.com and she welcomes any and all intelligent correspondence.


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